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Our Story

   SmashedTees utilizes the latest in technology.  While we do smash and compress T-shirts, we consider ourselves masters at printing first.  What this means is not only will you get a great compressed T-shirt, but a top quality print as well.  We don't skimp on the printing process, we off multiple types of inks for your project.  Utilizing up to 10 colors we have two brand new Roq Automatic presses, wax jet Prescreen imaging, LED exposure systems, and multiple heads of embroidery. No project is too big for SmashedTees Compressed 

At SmashedTees our goal is simple, to help our customers go beyond the basic giveaway garment and offer their customers a more memorable promotional product.  Compressed T-shirts are a great giveaway item.  By utilizing this process you can give your customers an item that will leave a lasting impression in their mind, all while giving them an item that will promote your business while they wear it.

  As youtube videos have shown, people not only love opening presents, but love watching others open presents.  From children to adults unpacking videos regularly have millions of views.  The simple act of giving a customer a Tshirt that they then get to experience "unpacking" will leave a lasting impression in their mind.  From car dealerships to dentists to breweries, there are so many businesses who can utilize the compressed T-shirt product to make a lasting impression in their customers mind.

   If you are looking to make your next promotional product campaign a Smashing success give us a shout for a custom quote!


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